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If this is your first visit to our web site welcome !

Thank you for selecting us to provide you with information about the great benefits for obtaining improved health through Chiropractic care.

The Chiropractors at Simply Chiropractic, have graduated from internationally accredited Universities. They are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, UK registration authority. Our Chiropractors regularly participate in continuing education training keeping them up-to-date with new health developments. We enjoy serving all the local communities that make up the greater York area and beyond to nearby Lincolnshire.

Our principal objective is to provide our patients with the highest standard of Chiropractic care available. Together with educating our patients we raise their awareness about the benefits of Chiropractic care and how to obtain and maintain optimum health for themselves and their family’s. This may involve exercise and/or rehabilitation programs, advice about diet and nutrition and advice regarding work and lifestyle changes.

Unfortunately there is currently no provision for chiropractic care within the NHS in Yorkshire. Accordingly, we have structured our fees to an affordable level, allowing us to provide cost effective Chiropractic care. We also offer prospective patients the opportunity of a FREE spinal screening appointment.

This involves a cursory postural examination and spine health check. Followed by the opportunity to discuss your particular spinal or other health related problem with one of our Chiropractors, before committing to a programme of treatment. Our patients range in age from small children to patients in their nineties and may experience a range of both spinal and other extremity (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle) related  problems requiring assessment and treatment.

We are here to take the mystery out of Chiropractic. Answer your questions and hopefully launch you on a journey back to optimum health!