What does your chiropractor cost?

New Patient – First Visit £90-00

The Chiropractor will discuss your current health concerns, complete a case history and review your medical history. Your spine health will be checked using our Posture Scan analysis tool helping you to understand what is happening to in the spine. You will receive a physical examination tailored to your particular health problem. Your Chiropractor may perform a Digital Posture Exam and may also refer you for other tests depending on his findings. Where it is appropriate you will be provided with care that is tailored to the particular health concerns identified during the consultation and examination process on the day.

Report of Findings – Second Visit £60-00

Your Chiropractor will correlate the findings from your first visit, discuss your specific health problem and make recommendations for care, which may include exercises, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes. He will explain the objectives of the treatment recommended the time frame for that treatment and the cost implications. You will then receive care on the day.

Re-Examination £60-00

If you are a patient of the clinic but have not been received care for 6 months, we may need to update your records and re-examine, or perform further tests on you.

Regular Visit

Adult: £30-00

Child 0-5: £20-00

Child 5-18: £25-00

Student:18+: £25-00 (full time, includes university)


Please be advised there is a £30-00 fee charged for missed appointments if less than 72 hours notice is given for changed or missed appointments .

In order to keep our fees affordable and bank charges to a minimum, we accept cash, cheque or debit/credit card as payment on the day of your visit.