Are you concerned about your spine health?

Posture analysis is a unique tool for understanding what is happening in the spine…..after all, structure governs function.

Our in-house digital postural scan and weight distribution analysis system provide our Chiropractors with the first step in formulating a solution to your problem and ensuring optimum spine health.

It is quick, non-invasive and does not require you taking your clothes off.

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Spine Health | Posture Scan

Posture Scan

Posture Scan forms part of our New Patient appointment, in addition to the case history and physical examination procedure.

Posture Scan provides us with a digital blue print of a patient’s posture at the outset of the treatment programme. A Posture Scan is usually repeated at the progress examination (after several treatments) to compare with the original Scan results allowing measurement of improvement and to help us modify the treatment and rehabilitation for each individual patient in order to optimize their outcome.

It is extremely useful tool when an existing patient has for example, suffered a trauma and requires a different treatment approach, comparison of the patients Scan from their initial consultation or a progress examination can be an invaluable tool when considering which treatment techniques will be best for that individual patient. Since Posture Scan does not use X-ray or any other invasive forces it can be repeated safely whenever the Chiropractor feels it is necessary.

The consequences of poor posture are many:

Spinal curvature i.e.; scoliosis.

Spine and joint pain.

Early degenerative (arthritic changes) joint disease and disc disease.

Nerve pressure…leading to conditions such as sciatica and brachial neuralgia.

Diminished joint movement….decreased ranges of motion.

Stress and compression of vital organs…i.e.; heart, lungs.

Distortion of posture can lead to organ malfunction and a shorter lifespan.

Pelvis and lower spinal compression and distortions can lead to bowel and bladder problems.